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Roasted goose with apricots


Roasted pheasant


Delmonico steak


Bison chateaubriand


Chorizo Sauage


filet steak


Salmon caviar w/gravlox


Mush fillet roast


Muskovi Duck breast


Roasted Duck w/cranberry


bison tartare


lamb kufta

roasted goose

smoked chicken


bison mush fillet


bison burger


veal breast with pocket

rosemary and fig roasted lamb


currant veal chop


rolled stuffed turkey breast


kobe burger with tomatoes


Thai dumplings

veal schnitzel with sauerkraut

end steak with potatoes

mush skirt steak


plump chicken breast


silver tip roast

roasted cornish hen

infused roast

chick pea and spinach lamb roast

swedish meatballs

everything burger

kufta kabobs




party appetizers


white truffle pate


black truffle pate





La Rustichella White Truffle Oil
Italian O-U

$38.99/8.5 fl. oz



La Rustichella Black Truffle Oil
 Italian O-U

$36.99/8.5 fl oz



White truffle pate Italian O-U

3.2 oz=90 grams



Black truffle pate
Italian O-U

3.2 oz=90 grams



Truffle honey
Italian O-U

4.5 oz=140 grams



Pheasants average 2-3 lbs. average weight*

$16.99 lb.



Extra Large Holiday Ducks


$15.99 lb.

$17.59 lb.

Duck Confit Cooked (duck legs cured and slow baked to perfection in its own inner fat)


$21.95 lb.

$26.95 lb.


$18.95 lb. (avg weight 9-12 lbs).



Goose cooked

$279.00 each (10-12 lbs raw weight)



Goose stuffed (with Bone) raw - See our stuffings page. Add $30 for cooked version.

$299 each



Goose boneless stuffed (choice of stuffing) raw.- See stuffings page. Add $30 for cooked version.

$329 each



Foie gras raw (brld, poached) avg weight 1 1/2- 2 1/2 lb lobe grade A


$169.00 lb.



1/2 lobe Foie gras raw (brld poached) average weight 3/4- 1 1/2 lbs.

$175.00 lb.



Foie gras torchon with black truffle and bone marrow infused(pure foie gras, no fillers)

$129.99 for 7.5 oz.



Foie gras broiled fully cooked

$219.00 lb.



Bone Marrow Butter (garlic confit infused) 7.5 oz




goose liver (regular goose, not foie gras)

$29.95 lb.



Quail (average weight 1/4 lb each)

$10.99 each 4 to a package



Yearlings (6-8 lbs)

$8.99 lb.



Capon (6-8 lbs)

$9.99 lb.



Capon breast boneless and skinless (1.25 lb average)

$19.99 lb.

$23.99 lb.


Duck liver


$19.99 lb.

$23.99 lb.

cod liver in its own oil Iceland 8.45 oz 240 grams (premium) liver and sea salt

$12.99 per can.



Goose liver pate

$39.95  7 oz.



Duck liver pate


$29.95  7 oz


Rendered Goose fat

$21.99  15 oz.



American Kobe Style

For our Kobe products click on this link:American Kobe Beef page




Aaron’s Special Ground Steak - Skirt, Short Ribs, Hanger


$18.99 lb.

$21.99 lb.

Beef burgers special ground


$19.99 lb.

$22.99 lb.

Veal frenched rack rib chops 7/8 bone rack

$48.95 lb.



Veal crown roast 14 chops

$499.00 each



Thick Veal Tenderloin (veal filet mignon) average weight 1 lb. each.

$53.99 lb.



Lamb crown roast 16 chops (lollipop-small)




Lamb crown roast 16 chops (large-jumbo)




Lamb roast tri crown 24 chops (lollipop-small)


$311.99  each


Lamb roast tri-crown 24 chops (large-jumbo)




Leg of Lamb semi-boneless (average 9-12 lbs)


$27.95 lb.

$32.95 lb.

Quail sausage

$23.99 lb.



Pheasant sausage

$21.99 lb.



More sausages link here

Turducken sausage


$18.99 lb


Click here for more turducken products

Marinated Rock Cornish hens (garlic and dill with fresh herbs)


$18 each

$20 each

6 week aged rib roast (on bone)


$52.95 lb

$57.95 lb

6 week aged rib eye (boneless)


$59.95 lb

$64.95 lb

80 day aged rib roast (on the bone)


$79.95 lb.

.$84.95 lb.

80 day aged rib eye roast (boneless)


$82.95 lb.

$87.95 lb.

6 week aged rib steak


$51.95 lb.

$56.95 lb.

6 week aged rib eye steak


$58.95 lb.

$63.95 lb.

80 day aged rib steak


$78.95 lb.

$83.95 lb.

80 day rib eye steak


$81.95 lb.

$86.95 lb.

wild turkey

$12.99 lb.



chicken feet


$12.99 lb.

$14.99 lb.

chicken gizzards


$7.99 lb.

$9.79 lb.

venison sq cut - roast (with a bone) (7-10 lbs average weight)

$32.95 lb.



venison shoulder roast boneless (5-6 lbs average)

$51.99 lb.



venison shoulder chops

$28.99 lb.



venison shanks

$22.99 lb.



Venison crown roast 16 chops




Venison baby chops

$18.99 each chop



Venison baby chops single rack 8 pieces




venison stew on the bone

$23.95 lb.



venison stew boneless

$48.99 lb



venison ground

$23.99 lb.



venison legs semi boneless

$49.99 lb



duck kabobs white


$39.95 lb.


duck kabobs dark


$28.95 lb.




$14.99 lb.


Middle Eastern Duck Kabobs


$21.99 lb.

$23.99 lb.

OrganicTurducken Raw


$299.95 (raw, organic)


Organic Turducken - COOKED


cooked organic)


Gluten-free Turducken w/Quinoa stuffing (raw)

$220 each

$270 (raw, organic)


Click here for more Turducken products and variations

Turducken burgers


$22.99 lb.

$25.99 lb.

Smoked roast beef


$36.95 lb

$39.95 lb.

Smoked mush roast


$39.95 lb.

$42.95 lb.

smoked chicken breast .


$22.94 lb.


smoked chicken thighs


$14.99 lb.

$16.99 lb.

smoked turkey drum


$9.99 lb.

$11.99 lb.

smoked lamb baby back ribs


$22.99 lb.

$24.99 lb.

smoked veal baby back ribs




Click here for more smoked products




Veal fry

$12.99 for 1/2 lb.



Lamb Fry, Lamb pancetta

$13.99 for 1/2 lb.



Beef fry


$13.99 lb.

$14.99 lb.

Turkey fry


$14.99 lb.

$15.99 lb.

Duck Grebenschmaltz


$15.99 for 7 oz.

$18.99 for 7 oz.

Chicken Griebenschmaltz


$12.99 for 7 oz.

$15.99 for 7 oz.

goose Griebenschmaltz

$25.99 for 7 oz.



Duck demi glace

$17.99 per 15 oz.



goose demi glace

$19.99  15 oz

$18.99  15 oz.


veal sweetbreads


$29.99 lb.


veal brains


$23.99 lb.


wild Alaskan Salmon caviar

$69 for 500 grams



Stuffed Burgers:

Choice of burgers: chicken, turkey, beef, veal or lamb.

Choice of one stuffing from this list:

beef fry, lamb fry, turkey fry, merquez sausage, polish sausage, turkey, pastrami, corned beef, chicken liver pate




Stuffed Burgers:

Choice of burgers: buffalo, venison, turducken (turkey, duck, chicken), duck, capon.

Choice of one stuffing from this list:

beef fry, lamb fry, turkey fry, merquez sausage, polish sausage, turkey, pastrami, corned beef, chicken liver pate




Stuffed Burgers:

Choice of burgers: quail, pheasant.

Choice of one stuffing from this list:

beef fry, lamb fry, turkey fry, merquez sausage, polish sausage, turkey, pastrami, corned beef, chicken liver pate




Foie Gras Burger

$59 each- beef or bison



Kobe style dumplings

$11.99 dozen



Chicken Cilantro Sausage


$17.99 lb

$19.99 lb.

Turkey Italian Sausage


$17.99 lb.

$19.99 lb.



$17.99 lb.

$19.99 lb.

Polish Sausage


$17.99 lb.

$19.99 lb.

Jalapeno Sausage


$17.99 lb.

$19.99 lb.

Sweet Italian beef, chicken or turkey sausage




Cajun Chicken Sausage




Beef medallions (chateaubriand)


$33.95 lb.

$38.95 lb.

Bulgogi thinly sliced steak


$23.99 lb.

$25.99 lb.

Bulgogi thinly sliced steak marinated +2pp

$19.99 lb.

$22.99 lb.

$25.99 lb.

Kalbi korean style thin cut short ribs

$16.99 lb.

$19.99 lb.

$22.99 lb.

Kalbi Korean style thin cut short ribs marinated


$24.99 lb.

$28.99 lb.

beef short ribs marinated


$21.99 lb

$25.99 lb.

Skirt steak pinwheel


$29.95 lb.

$43.95 lb.

Joints and tendons - helps the body make glucosamine and chondroitan


$10.99 lb.

$14.99 lb.

Joint & Tendon Oxtail soup

$18.00 qt

$23.00 qt.


Stuffed skirt steak with turkey or beef fry


$30.95 lb.

$32.95 lb.

Mush steak pinwheel stuffed with turkey fry or beef fry


$28.95 lb.

$304.99 lb.

quail eggs


$5.99 for 18 pieces


duck eggs


$5.99 for  6 pieces


Dover sole

$18.99 lb.



Greek Bronzini whole

$13.99 lb.



King Salmon filet no skin

$22.95 lb.



Wild Salmon skin

$19.99 lb.



porgie whole

$7.99 lb.



porgie filets

$12.99 lb.



Wild Snapper no belly

$16.95 lb.



Lake Trout

$8.99 lb.



Lake trout butterflied

$12.95 lb.



Boneless leg of lamb


.$33.95 lb.

$36.99 lb.

Magret De Canard/Duck Breast Raw

$36.00 lb.



On bone leg of lamb


$27.99 lb.

$32.99 lb.

Duck leg confit cooked


$34.95 lb.


Smoked Duck Magret

$67.46 lb.



Duck fat rendered- 15 oz




Goose fat rendered 15 oz




Duck Mousse de Foie Gras 7 oz




Duck Mousse De Foie Gras - 14 oz.




Smoked duck breast




Duck Prosciutto

$69.0 lb.



Duck Terrine 15 oz




Goose Terrine 7.5 oz.




Meat pate 7.5 oz.




Cracked pepper thyme/sage/rosemary seasoned duck patty, breakfast patty and just the ground mix for stuffing, meatballs or just forming it the way you like



$29.99 lb.

Duck Bresaola - (thyme, sage and coarse tri-color peppercorns)



$76.99 lb.

Goat Stew (with bone)

$14.99 lb.



Steak Basterma



$68 lb.

Beef Bresaola



$69 lb.


Quail in garlic and ginger sauce


suck foie gras with pineapple


sweet and sour Duck


goose liver and meat pate


turkey bacon wrapped fillet steak


dill cured gravalox


roasted french lamb rack

roasted lamb chop


roasted black pepper duck


french turkey drumstick

roasted capon

veal osso bucco


raspberry roasted duck


roasted lamb riblet


french veal rib


grilled hanger


sauteed rib steak w/mushrooms


rare ribeye dinner


chicken thigh kabobs

fillet steak over asparagus


Turkey a l’orange

bison teriyaki meatballs

mush london broil

braised lamb shanks

bison osso bukko/stew

homemade dumplngs

stewed veal shank

roasted lamb rack with vegetables

stewed lamb shanks

peppered filet steak

empanada with egg

pasture raised  turkey sliders

chicken apples and lemon


bison tartare


beef bourginion


white truffle oil


black truffle oil


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