Mush steak


Beef hanger


Beef brisket


BBQ steak dinner


Mush fillet


strip steak





One foresaddle (half of the upper quarter of steer) (All is cut to order, to your exact specifications) Please call us to discuss needs.

1 hanger tenderloin
2 skirt steaks cut in half
Rib steaks cut to your specifications (if cut one inch, roughly 14 steaks, if two inches roughly 7 pieces. The rib may be substituted for 2 roasts or thicker or thinner steaks
Chuck steaks or roast (same as the rib)
3 packages of flanken or may be left as a plate for smoking
Brick or French roasts (cut to your specs)
1 whole brisket or separated 1st and second cut.
Minute steak (can be split into 2 mush London broils, cut into steak or left as a roast)
Shoulder (roast, steaks, London broil, stew, ground, stir fry or pepper steak)
2 beef cheeks
shin beef
beef tail
beef tripe
beef stew
neck, marrow and knuckle bones (pipe marrow bones separated)
ground beef

$2,900 - $3,100. Grass fed Organic and pasture raised. Price effective if purchased at least 3 weeks before major holidays. Foresaddle (upper half of steer) weighs approximately 180 lbs. An arm chuck weighs roughly 120 lbs.

Please call one of our culinary trained chefs or butchers to discuss your needs.
Regular NOT organic $2,300 - $2,400
Grass fed, Grain finished Organic $2,750 - $2. 900.



2 8 racks of lamb

2 baby back ribs

14 shoulder lamb chops

;5 lbs lamb stew

4 lbs ground lamb

2 lamb shanks

8 pc 6-8 oz lamb burgers

3 lbs lamb fat (tallow)

3 lbs lamb bones

All above may be modified to your specs. Please call one of our chefs/butchers to discuss your needs.




14 shoulder lamb chops

5 lbs lamb stew

4 lbs ground lamb

2 lamb shanks

6 pc 6-9 oz lamb burgers

2 lbs lamb fat (tallow)

2 lbs lamb bones

All above may be modified to your specs. Please call one of our chefs/butchers to discuss your needs.



Hind Quarter Beef (rough weight 200 lbs)

2 round roasts

2 sirloin tip roasts or steaks or 4-6 Sirloin Steaks

2 NY Strips

2 t-Bone steaks

3 shell steaks

6 Porterhouse or Filet Mignon steaks and shell

4 Osso bukko

20 lbs ground beef

18 beef burgers 5-8 ozs

25 lbs beef stew


Average Prime Hind Weight 210 lbs. Hanging Weight

Loss after processing (Heilef: unusable fat, arteries, tendons and meat) Average 70 lbs.

How much do I take home?
You take home the finished cuts or “yield.” The percentage of the hanging weight that remains is called the “yield” and is generally between 50% to 60% of hanging weight

This percentage varies based on a number of factors including:

Bone-in vs. boneless - This will dramatically affect yield. The more boneless cuts that are made, the lower the yield

The amount of fat remaining on the meat cuts-The yield will vary based on how much surface fat the cutter leaves on the cuts. Prime meat is much softer due to the grain (fat). The Prime steer is much fattier on the outer and inner level than the choice.

What sort of cuts will I get? If you buy a whole or half of beef, you make the decision how the beef is cut and packaged according to your needs. We are a chef owned company and will be glad to explain and walk you through the way.

Purchasing a Quarter Beef (half of a half) When you purchase bulk, the cuts are standardized as listed above. We like to give our customers who buy bulk a good selection of cuts from all the primal sections of the steer. Standardizing the cuts ensures that both customers sharing the side get a true split of the variety of cuts. Please let us know if you are sharing.


Grilled strip steak


Rib steak


Prime rib eye


Bison steak


Mush London broil

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